Boxes on Demand

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Boxes on Demand Boxes on Demand Boxes on Demand
Boxes on Demand Boxes on Demand Boxes on Demand

If your business needs include small micro-lot runs of 1- 500 custom sized boxes, PLI  Ieaves all other packaging supply chains in the dust. Through our BoxonDemand™ machine and its amazing technology, we can configure your box type, issue a quote and order the exact quantity you need before you can say “customization is the way of the future”. Itʼs that fast and easy.

Our BoxonDemand system delivers an alternative to the existing corrugated supply chain by eliminating the need for large inventories of pre-ordered cardboard boxes, reducing the "footprint" of the packaging supply chain, and trimming work content required for boxing and shipping

Our clients love our technology and in return we allow them:

  • Perfect fit packaging - with less need for costly dunnage or oversized shipping rates
  • Greatly reduced inventory (on demand boxes)
  • Reduced wait times
  • Infinite SKU sizes at their fingertips
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